What Is The Striker Position In Soccer – Parents’ Guide

What is the soccer striker position in soccer?

This is a burning question some parents might ask each other on the sideline. There are several positions and roles in a soccer team that each player must be responsible for.

The position of Striker is the most sought after by some parents and kids, read on to understand why?

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The Soccer Striker Position

The player playing the striker position is usually called the Striker, a part of an overall position of players called Forwards.

Here are some ways you can identify a Striker:

  • If you watch a soccer game kick-off you will see the striker standing in the center circle with the ball
  • Standing in front of the midfielder
  • Always plays at the front facing the opponent’s goalkeeper
  • Always the team’s goalscorer
  • The most common jersey numbers strikers wear are 9 and 10
What Is The Striker Position In Soccer - A boy ready to strike the ball

The Roles Of A Striker

The striker’s primary role is to score goals for his or her team.

Being on the frontline they also have other roles:

  • Disrupt the opponent’s defenders and goalkeeper, allowing a teammate to score instead.
  • Play defensively upfront by disrupting the opponent’s game plan in their own half.

Here is a definition from Wikipedia:

What Is The Striker Position In Soccer - Position definition

Because of its role in scoring goals, the striker position is very popular with fans and players alike.

They are probably more popular than the rest of their teammates.

Who would not like scoring goals and being popular?

In professional soccer, they are paid highly as well.

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Any Special Rules For Striker?

Except for the goalkeeper, no, there are not any special rules for the striker.

The striker is under the same rules as any player on the field.

While there is no rule to indicate that each team must have a striker it is a bad idea not to have one.

Traditionally, the striker always wears the number 9 or 10 jersey.

In the diagram below, the striker is colored pink.

What Is The Striker Position In Soccer - Striker Position

How To Be A Good Striker

To be a good striker, your kid needs to:

  • Have speed and agility with movement
  • Be good at ball handling
  • Be good at kicking the soccer ball accurately
  • Be a quick thinker
  • Be a team player

1. Speed And Agile With Movement

Have you ever seen Lionel Messi spring into action with the ball and weave through the defenders before scoring a goal?

That is speed and agility at its finest.

Speed is the ability of your kid can spring into action and outrun the opponent, kick, pass, slow down, and stop.

This is useful because if a striker is slow his or her chances of scoring a goal will be very slim.

Goal-scoring opportunities are available only for a very few seconds before the defenders close it.

Agility is the ability to move around opponents with ease, especially when dribbling the ball, and kicking the ball from tight corners.

Agility also reduces your kid’s chances of injury to the knees and ankle due to twists and turns.

You can check my speed and agility drills here and here.

What Is The Striker Position In Soccer - A Little Child Kicking A Soccer Ball

2. Good Ball Handling Skills ~ Keeping The Ball Under Pressure

Good ball handling is the ability to receive the ball, control it, dribble, and pass it to another teammate.

As the crosses and passes do not always come directly to the striker it requires training in order to receive the ball, whether it is a ground ball or a high ball.

When a striker is skillful in ball handling he or she can assist his or her teammates in creating goal-scoring chances.

By holding onto the ball his or her teammates might find a better scoring position before passing it to them.

All this, without losing all to the opponents, or, better still outmaneuver the defenders and scored a goal.

You can find ball handling drills for your kids here and here

What Is The Striker Position In Soccer - young-boy-kicking-ball-drill

3. Good Ball Kicking Skills With Accuracy

A good striker knows what type of kick to use depending on the situation at hand.

He or she may opt to use a ground ball or a high ball kick by kicking at different parts of the ball.

Different parts of the soccer cleats can be used for kicking, namely the inside, on the lace, and outside.

The striker can kick straight into an empty spot in the goal to score or make a powerful strike that can go past the goalkeeper.

Accuracy is an important skill in scoring goals otherwise the ball may go off target.

You can find my kicking accuracy drill here.

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4. Quick Thinking ~ One Step Ahead Of The Opponent

Staying a step ahead of the opponent means that the striker must be unpredictable in his or her next move.

This will make it difficult for the defenders and goalkeeper to figure out what your kid will do next.

It only takes a few seconds for the ball to be at the striker’s feet before the opponents swarm in so a decision has to be immediate.

In another scenario, the striker must predict where and when the teammate will pass the ball and sprint to the spot to receive a pass and score.

This skill does not come naturally to most strikers so they have to practice consistently in order to acquire it.

5. Team Player

A great striker is a team player.

He passes the ball to his or her teammates who are in better positions to score goals rather than trying to score the goal.

Because scoring goals makes the team win, some strikers become greedy and wanted to score all the goals themselves.

This habit can negatively affect the team’s chances of winning and cause the teammates to be de-motivated.

If a striker is not a team player the coach might not give him or her any chance to play in the next game.

What Is The Striker Position In Soccer - Alex Morgan

Gear Required For A Striker

Similar to other teammates the striker is required to wear the following gear:

Fun Fact

According to Wikipedia, the are only 3 active players scoring more than 500 goals.

They are Christiano Ronaldo (743), Lionel Messi (724), and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (547).

Famous Strikers


The striker position is very important in not only scoring goals but creating goal-scoring opportunities for teammates.

A good striker works with his or her team and is not selfish.

And most of all, a striker has to be skillful in dribbling, kicking, and scoring.

The striker is usually more famous than his or her teammates because he or she can score goals and make the team win.

That is the reason why everyone wants to be a striker.

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