Soccer Training Equipment For Kids – Boost Your Kid’s Training

How would you like to purchase bulk soccer training equipment for kids and saving some money in the end?

The Olympia Sports 4-Goal Value Pack comes with 4 X goals, 6 X size# 4 balls, 12 X cones, and 2 X mesh carry bag.


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This is an excellent way to boost your kid’s training and pave the way towards achieving his dreams of being a soccer star.

This 4-Goal Value Pack will definitely take your kid ‘s training to the next level because your kid can perform any drill.

olympia-sports 4-goal-value-pack

Ideal For Your Backyard Training

This complete set is perfect for training in the backyard where your kid can do his private training, especially when he needs to catch up on his skills level.

The 2 extra goals can be saved as a spare or you can set up multiple goals training.

Your imagination is your limit on how to utilize it.

If you have more than 1 kid then that is no longer a problem.

Everyone can participate and benefit regardless if they are teenagers or an 8-year-old, or even mum and dad.

This will give the training more fun and excitement for your kids and they will always look forward to the next training.

Say goodbye to improvised cones or goals, this set will cater for all the equipment needed to perform drills.

This will certainly improve your kid’s skill level and catch up with the rest of his teammates

Olympia Sports 4-Goal Value Pack Specifications

olympia-sports 4-goal-value-pack
Olympia Sports 4 Goal Value Pack
  • 4 Pieces 72″ X 40″ Pop-Up Goals
  • 24 Pieces 7 3/4″ Soccer Cones
  • 6 Pieces High-Quality Soccer Balls
  • 2 Mesh Storage/Carry Bags


  • Saves money because you are buying in bulk
  • Enough equipment for the whole family to take part in training
  • Improved skills training


  • It would nice if the balls and cones come in multiple colors
  • No pump kit included
  • No whistle included

Items To Buy Separately:

Ball Pump Kit

Buy The Pump Kit Here

Buy The Whistle Here

My Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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