5 Simple Soccer Shooting Drills For Kids + Tips

Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo can score goals from any position around the goal area because they can shoot accurately with power. Every kid loves to shoot the soccer ball into a goal to see if they can score or hit a mark on the wall. Here are 5 simple soccer shooting drills for kids that are promised to be fun and help develop their motor skills as well.

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Why practice the soccer shooting drills for kids?

First of all, what is the purpose of shooting in soccer?

Basically, a soccer player shoots or strikes the ball hard with the aim to get it past the goalkeeper and score a goal.

So shooting is a combination of power to drive the ball and accuracy to send it to the spot it was intended to.

So now we know why shooting is important in soccer.

Equipment needed

Now that you are clear let us look at some equipment you will need:

  1. Ball – A soft rubber ball is best for very young kids. For older ones, choose size 3 balls
  2. A portable goal, or
  3. Two cones can be used as a goal post. Having more than 2 cones is best.
  4. Any other gear is optional. If your kid is playing outdoors then wear a sneaker to protect the feet.

Without further let us kick start our shooting drills.


1. Simple shooting no goals

This is a great introduction for young beginners who just discovered their interest in kicking the ball.

Younger kids do not shoot far as compared to older kids so choose a clear space in the house or garage or backyard.


  1. The idea is to let them feel the ball with their feet (train the weaker foot as well) and discover how the ball flies when he or she makes a strong shot
  2. And start learning the correct kicking technique.
  3. Most importantly, they will develop your kid’s coordination and balance.


  1. Place the ball, or a few balls, in front of your kid
  2. Instruct him or her to take 2 steps back
  3. Heads up and visualize the spot to kick the ball to
  4. Adjust his or her positioning
  5. Look down at the ball
  6. Step forward with the non-kicking foot
  7. Strike the ball with the lace – the toe pointing down
  8. Repeat 1 – 7


  1. Try hitting the 3 different parts of the ball to see if it goes low, straight, or high
  2. Lining up a few balls would be nice so that the practice is not interrupted too often.
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2. Open goal shooting

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

This is a fun drill that even youths and adults still do to sharpen their skills.

This is a similar drill to number 1 but this time there is a goal to shoot into therefore narrowing the area to shoot into and more challenging.

This is also like taking a penalty shot but without a goalkeeper.

You will need a mini or portable goal. Even placing 2 tall cones (or water bottles) is enough.

The image above should give you a fair idea – you can even build one in the backyard!


  1. Your kid will be more determined to kick accurately into the goal
  2. Using the correct kicking technique


  1. Set up the mini-goal or 2 cones
  2. Depending on how old your kid is, mark the kicking spot in front of the goal
  3. Place the ball on that spot
  4. Your kid should stand behind the ball
  5. Then take 2 steps back
  6. Look at the goal and visualize the target spot inside the goal – not outside
  7. Step forward with the non-kicking foot
  8. Strike the ball
  9. Repeat steps 3 – 8


  1. Choose a spot in the goal as a target
  2. Place the ball in different spots

3. Goal shooting with 1 obstacle or goalie

Happy Kids Playing Soccer

This drill is similar to number 2 but this time it is getting more challenging.

This drill mimics real-life penalty shooting because there is an obstacle or a goalkeeper ready to block the shots.

This is also good training for young goalkeepers.


  1. Your kid will be forced to adjust his or her positioning
  2. Real-life penalty shooting situation
  3. Good practice for a young goalie


  1. Put a cone in the goal
  2. Instruct your kid not to hit the cone
  3. Proceed to shoot into the goal


  1. If it is becoming easier, put someone in the goal as a goalkeeper.
  2. Also, try shooting from different spots in the goal area
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4. Roll the ball and shoot

The ball does not always present itself stop-dead at the player’s foot so the idea is to kick a rolling ball.

In 90% of situations, the ball is constantly rolling (and airborne) so the player must always re-position it to find the right shooting angle.

This is good practice for older kids who have some scrimmage experience.

There is no specific spot to take the shot in this case but let us start directly in front of the goal.

Your kid can perform it alone or with your help.


  1. Being able to adjust position is a split second to make a shot
  2. Familiarize with shooting a rolling ball
  3. Coordination and balance
  4. Simulation of real-life soccer situation


  1. Position your kid a bit further from the goal
  2. Instruct your kid to stand behind the ball
  3. Poke the ball to roll forward with the kicking foot
  4. While the ball is still rolling run behind it and strike it into the goal
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4


  1. Choose 3 or 4 spots in front of the goal to do the shooting practice
  2. Also, vary the distance from the goal


5. Bounce the ball and shoot

Similar to Drill 4 but this time the ball is bouncing forward when it is kicked.

It is a bit challenging but still fun once your kid gets the hang of it.

Once again, your kid can do this alone or you can assist.


  1. Familiarize with striking a bouncing ball
  2. Develop your kid’s coordination, timing, and balance


  1. Position your kid a bit further from the goal
  2. Instruct your kid to toss the ball forward and let it bounce
  3. While the ball is still bouncing run behind it and strikes it mid-air into the goal
  4. Repeat steps 2 – 3


  1. Start slow to allow your kid time to learn
  2. Also, do the drill from different spots in the goal area
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Shooting instructions

As explained earlier, shooting is a hard kick on the ball, so follow these instructions in order to do it effectively.

See the diagram below.

  1. Kick with the top part of the foot or the lace area.
  2. Kicking with other parts of the foot will not produce a strong shooting result.
  3. Experiment by kicking different parts of the ball for low, straight, and high shots.
  4. Do not kick with the toe as it can cause injury to the foot.
  5. You might need to read my post on how to kick a soccer ball before proceeding.
How to kick a soccer ball


Your kid can do these drills in single or multiple sessions – it is up to your kid

The kicking technique is to use the lace of the foot on the 3 different sides of the ball to produce the result you aimed for.

Please remember, only shoot when the time is right – do not shoot every time you have the ball

Shooting is a learnable skill but as I said in most of my drills, it takes time, commitment, and fun.

Keep practicing and your kid could be the next Messi or Ronaldo.

Enjoy soccer and be safe.

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