12 Simple Soccer Drills For 4, 5, 6, & 7-Year-Olds + Coaching Tips

In this post, we are going to cover soccer drills for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-olds. This drill is a continuation of my previous drills for toddlersHowever, this does not mean you should abandon the baby drills. 

Age group: 4, 5, 6, & 7 years old

Guess what? 

You can still incorporate them in the drills below, except that your kids older now and you need to make it a bit more challenging. That is because they already developed some balance, coordination, and good motor skills

All the drills do complement each other so do not reject any drill you think is a waste of time. You can run through the list of drills below for each training session. By now you should call yourself a coach as you have been coaching your kid since 1. Please see my coaching tips here

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Equipment Required

Father and son playing soccer


You are going to need the following equipment:

  1. At least 4 cones – flat or raised type. You can use water bottles to start.
  2. 2 x size 1, 2, or 3 balls. Actually, the more balls available the better so that training is not interrupted.
  3. Soccer shoes. Get your kid to familiarize himself or herself with wearing soccer shoes.
  4. Shin guards. Good to start familiarizing yourself with it.
  5. Portable goal (optional). You can use 2 cones or water bottles as goals.


The entire drill should take about 40 minutes but my kids begged me to continue and we ended up with 1 hour… because it’s fun! 


Coaching tips

  • You need to show your kid how to do all the drills first. 
  • Start slow and increase the tempo as drills become easier.
  • Your kid is still growing. Expect slow progress at first.
  • Use your own ball to demonstrate the drills.

Drill 1: Foot On Ball

boy toe tapping

This drill focuses on balance and when I tried it with my kids, my 6 years old goes wobbly but she mastered it in a few minutes. 

A smaller ball size 1 and 2 are ideal for this drill.

It’s best that you and your kid have a ball each so that he or she can mimic you. 

  1. Stand in front of the ball 
  2. Put your right foot on the ball for a second
  3. Put your right foot back to the ground
  4. Put your left foot on the ball for a second 
  5. Put your left foot back on the ground
  6. Repeat

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Drill 2: Foot On Ball, Simultaneous Switch 

Same as Drill 1 but you must simultaneously switch right to the left foot. 

  1. Stand in front of the ball 
  2. Rest your right foot on the ball
  3. Simultaneously switch the right foot to left in a  jumping motion.
  4. Repeat 

Drill 3: Pass The Ball Back And Forth

father and son passing ball back and forth

This is a ball control and accuracy drill that aims to build skills to trap the ball and pass it accurately.

  1. Have your kid pass to you by kicking inside of his or her foot
  2. You stop the ball under the sole of your foot. 
  3. Passback to your kid by kicking inside your foot
  4. Repeat 


When drill becomes easier over time you may increase the distance between you and your kid

Drill 4: Pass-Back-Forth, Left Foot Then Right Foot

Similar to drill number 3 but each sequence starts with the other foot. 

This is a great drill for training your kid’s weaker foot in ball control and accuracy. 

  1. Ask your kid to pass the ball to you. 
  2. You receive the ball with your right foot
  3. Pass the ball back with your right foot
  4. Your kid pass the ball back to you
  5. You receive the ball with your left foot 
  6. Pass the ball back to your right foot. 
  7. Repeat 

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Drill 5: Walk & Dribble

walk dribble

Place 2 cones to form a 5-meter line and instruct your kid to walk and dribble the ball around it.

You need to demonstrate the drill before and during the training.

  1. Starting at the first cone 
  2. Kick the ball slightly ahead, enough for your kid to work 2 steps before reaching it. 
  3. Walk-behind the ball and kick it again 
  4. When you reach the second cone 
  5. Go around it and return to the first cone
  6. Repeat


If the drill becomes easier:

  1. You may increase the distance between the 2 cones
  2. Add the third cone to form a triangle. 
  3. Ask your kid to go around the cones clockwise and then anti-clockwise
  4. Or go to drill number 6 below


Drill 6: Run & Dribble

Similar to drill number 5 but your kid will run this time, instead of walking

The running will definitely help improve your kid’s fitness level as well.

Drill 7: Kick The Parent

Drill7 kid chasing dad

This is a drill that will develop your kid’s kicking and dribbling. It is also good for fitness.

  1. Create a square playing area by placing 4 cones 5 X 5 meters
  2. Challenge your kid to kick the ball to hit you while you move around in the square area 
  3. Make it easy for the ball to hit you so that your kid is enjoying the drill
  4. Reward your child with praise every time he or she succeeds

Drill 8: Kick Bowling

kick the cone

This is an exciting drill that is great for kicking accuracy and eye-foot coordination skills.

Similar to bowling but the pins will be a group of cones and your kid will kick the ball to try and knock over as many as possible.

  1. Group together a few cones or put them closer, as in bowling
  2. Position your kid 2 meters from the ball
  3. Instruct your kid to knock them out with the ball. 
  4. Celebrate when all cones ar knocked
  5. Repeat

Drill 9: Throw, Bounce, And Catch

throw bounce catch

Great for eye-hand coordination and similar to the drill described in the toddler drills, but, with some variations.

Also excellent for goalkeeping training.

  1. Stand 2 meters from your kid
  2. Throw the ball but it must bounce once before reaching your kid
  3. Your kid will throw the ball and bounce once before reaching you.
  4. Repeat

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Drill 10: Cone Weaving

cone weaving

This drill encourages your kid to run and dribble the ball through a line of cones.

  1. Line up 4 cones 1 meter apart
  2. Instruct your kid to dribble the ball by weaving through the cone
  3. return to the starting point by weaving through the cones as well
  4. Repeat

Drill 11: Pass The Ball Through Coach’s Legs

This drill is all about accuracy, kicking, and a little bit of goalkeeping which I am sure your kid is going to enjoy.

Your kid will kick the ball between your legs then run past you and tackle the ball.

  1. Get your kid to stand with the soccer ball
  2. Move a meter away from your kid
  3. Stand facing your kid with your legs slightly apart
  4. Instruct your kid to kick the ball through your legs
  5. Then run past you and tackle or lay on the ball.
  6. you turn around to face him of her again
  7. (repeat)


Drill 12: Pass, Kick, And Score

dad pass kid kick goal

This drill involves kicking a moving ball and scoring a goal, therefore, eye-foot coordination and accuracy is the key here.

  1. Set up a goal, either by pacing 2 cones as goal post or use the Pugg portable goal
  2. stand with your kid 2 meters from the goalmouth
  3. Roll the ball towards the goalmouth
  4. Instruct your kid to run after the ball
  5. Kick the ball to the goal to score
  7. Repeat


At some point, these drills will become easier for your kid as their ball mastery skills developed.

Do not hesitate to add variation to the drills to make it a bit more challenging or introducing totally new drills.

Also, do not forget to include a lot of fun as well.

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