Soccer Drills Cones (Your Kid Will Love It)

Soccer Drills Cones (Your Kid Will Love It)

Training cones
Training cones

Forget about lining up plastic bottles for your kid’s soccer drills, these Tandem Soccer drills cones will be a major upgrade for your kid’s training in the backyard.

Coming in 5 different colors these 20 pieces cones will definitely boost to your kid’s enthusiasm in his training.

Your kid will love the bright colors and will always look forward to the next training.

These plastic cones are light and can be neatly stored away for the training day.

What Are Soccer Drills Cones Good For?

  1. Marking the designating area for training in your backyard on the field
  2. Performing agility and speed drills

What Result Does Training With Cones Produce?

  1. Agility – the cone weaving drill develops agility because you will dribble the ball, weaving through the cones.
  2. Speed – training with cones develop the kid’s speed


Tandem Sports Training Cones
  • 2-inch tall plastic cones with storage caddy
  • 20 piece set
  • 5 colors – white, neon, yellow, neon orange, and blue
  • 7.5-inch depth
  • Dimension – 6 x 8 x 6 inch


  • Very lightweight
  • High visibility
  • Cannot tip over when a player ran over it


  • I could not find any

My Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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