5 Soccer Activities For kids During A Lockdown

At the time of writing this post, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lockdown in many countries around the world. Kids will suddenly find themselves bored at home and unhealthy habits started to creep in. Here are 5 soccer activities for kids during a lockdown.

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Lockdown Challenges

Our normal lives as we know them have been put on hold including soccer events from the pro-level down to the kid’s training.

The frustrating thing about it is that we don’t know yet when it will be over!

It may take days, weeks, and months before we are given the all-clear.

Therefore, during times like this parents may find it challenging to keep their kids engaged in healthy activities.

It is easy for your kids to be bored at home and spend a lot of time watching TV and resort to unhealthy foods as well.

We all know this can cause obesity and other bad diseases.

For your kids who are getting used to their soccer training programs it is important they somehow continue training.

The only training ground you now have is any space in the garage or the backyard

Here are my 4 tips to keep your kid active at home:

1. Watch Soccer Videos 

A good start before doing any soccer training.

You need to spend some time with your kid watching soccer games videos. 

Soccer Activities For kids - Father and Son Watching Soccer

Watch your kid’s favorite team play or his or her favorite soccer player play.

Soccer stars like Lionel Messi, Alex Morgan, and Christiano Ronaldo are popular with kids worldwide.

I am sure your kid has heard at least one of them.

If your kid is a goalkeeper then focus on that position when watching the video.

Observe how the goalkeeper plays in his or her position.

  1. Look at the gear he or she wore.
  2. What skills does the goalkeeper have?
  3. What are some of the mistakes the goalkeeper made?
  4. After watching the game discuss it with your kid about it.
  5. What would your kid do to avoid mistakes in a game?
  6. What skills impressed your kid the most?

YouTube has thousands of soccer videos you can watch and learn from

Soccer Activities For kids - Father Coaching His Son

2. Skills-Specific Drills

For older kids who played competitive soccer, missing a week’s training can have a negative impact on their performance.

It is important that they maintain some form of fitness and meet your kid’s soccer touch goals until such time they go back to full training.

I strongly believe that 1-on-1 training is the best option.

Identify what skills your kid needs to improve on and focus on developing them with your help.

Get in touch with your kid’s coach for help and maybe he or she will send you some training material.

The most common skills you can start with are:

For the younger ones and those playing rec soccer, also need their regular exercise.

So either way, it’s important to keep their soccer training as normal as possible.

This is a good time to take soccer to your backyard to train in private and have great exposure to fresh air and sunshine.

This website has soccer drills that are designed to help kids to train solo – no need to have a lot of kids participate.

Also, I have some coaching tips to help you train your kid properly.

They are simple and fun for you both.

You can also find soccer gear I recommend for training in your backyard here.

3. Speed And Agility Drills

In soccer, speed is the ability to sprint as fast as possible in trying to reach the ball before the opponent.

Agility is the ability to burst into a sprint, stop, and turn.

Have you seen wingers like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo dribble past the defenders like a knife through butter?

That is agility.

Without speed and agility, your kid will not develop his or her soccer skills faster.

Even if your kid only plays rec soccer, it is important they work on their speed and agility.

Another benefit is that they avoid injuries to the muscles and joints.

Having said that, all drills do contribute to speed and agility to some degree.

You can find my speed and agility drills by using ladder and training cones.

soccer cones

4. Scrimmage

Drills can be boring after some time.

Especially for the younger kids whose main aim is to have fun.

Scrimmage is a good opportunity for everyone in the family to participate in a game of soccer.

Rules can be made up throughout the game but the fun is the goal here.

For those kids who are serious about soccer, the scrimmage is very useful in training.

You can play with your kid in a 1-vs-1 format or 2-vs-2 if there are siblings.

You can play as the defense as your kid tries to get through you to score goals or vice versa.

Make the scrimmage a bit as challenging as a real game to encourage your kid to develop his or her skills.

It will also force your kid to make quick decisions and moves when trying to beat you.

Scrimmage does not only develop your kid’s mental fitness but also physical fitness.

Soccer Activities For kids - Scrimmage

5. Online Soccer Training Is Cheap

Investing in online soccer training is a good option if you are too busy to organize training for your kid.

Online soccer training courses are cheaper than you would have thought, for as little as $10 a month you can receive professional coaching.

The benefits are:

  1. Training drills are already structured for your kid to follow
  2. Visual training with videos
  3. Receive support from the online trainer

Read my post on Renegade Soccer Training Review – Play With Confidence


Let us face it, home training is not going to be the same as training with a team and a qualified coach.

But it is so much better than sitting around the house doing nothing and slowly losing the hard-earned fitness.

If you set up a time to train every day your kid will be able to maintain fitness and make a big improvement in his or her soccer skills.

And best of all your kid is safe at home with the family.

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Do You Have Any Soccer Activities That Your Family Enjoyed? Please Let Me Know In The Comments Below.

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