9 Best Shin Guard Socks For Kids 2023

For most junior soccer stars, putting on the shin guards and the socks can be a challenge and frustration. This can be solved if your kid is wearing a shin guard sock – a sock that has a pouch to slide in the shield or a permanent shield inside.  Here are the 9 best shin guard socks for kids.

Besides, you get socks and shin guards for the price of one.

Follow me as I reviewed each of them.

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What am I looking for?

The conventional shin guards are worn before wearing the soccer socks.

On the other hand, a sock shin guard has a pocket on the inside in front of the shin area. The pocket holds the shield that protects the shin from injury and it is removable while others are built-in.

Some sock shin also has a sewn-in ankle guard but still, the socks must feel great as well.

  • Material – the sock must be made from polyester and the shield must be made of strong plastic
  • Comfortable – the sock itself must be comfortable for the foot and the shield must be secured in the pocket.
  • Easy to wear – the whole purpose of this type of shin guard is to make it easier for kids and parents when put on and taking it off.

9 Best Shin Guard Socks For Kids 2023

1. Adidas youth sock guard

Adidas Youth Sock Guard


  • 95% Polypropylene | 5% Thermoplastic Gum
  • Removable shield
  • Color: Black/white
  • Size: S (3’3″ – 3’10”) and L (4’7″ – 5′.2″)


  • Affordable


  • No ankle pads

The Adidas youth shock guard is one of the most popular shin guard soccer socks on the market.

It is easy to wear and the shield is very sturdy compared to other similar products.

The shield can be taken off after training while still wearing the sock also making it easy to wash.

Excellent for training.

My rating: 4.5/5

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2. Champion Sports youth sock-style soccer shin guards

Champion Sports youth sock-style soccer shin guards


  • Sock-like construction
  • Removable EVA foam shield
  • Machine washable
  • Color option: Black and white
  • Size: S (4 yrs) – L (10 yrs)


  • The shield has a bigger coverage area


  • No ankle pad

The Champion Sports shin guard sock is rated highly for its ease to clean and comfort.

The shin guard sock is constructed of lightweight material and it does not keep moist.

The shield also has good coverage of the shin and ankle for total protection.

Even though it keeps on saying it comes with an ankle protector, it does not.

Overall, this is still one of the best shin guard socks.

My rating: 4.6/5

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3. Nike youth sock shin guards

Nike Youth Soccer Shin Sock Shin Guards


  • Materials: 54% nylon | 25% polyethylene | 16% EVA | 5% polyester
  • Built-in hardshell
  • Padded ankle
  • 3 color option
  • Machine wash
  • Size: S-XL


  • Padded ankle


  • The shield is not removable
  • Size runs small on some kids

The Nike youth shin guard sock comes with a built-in shin guard and padded ankles.

The sock is constructed similarly to the conventional sock and it is very comfortable.

This sock fits perfectly if the correct size is selected.

My rating: 4.8/5

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4. Wilson sock shin guard

Wilson Soccer Sock Shin Guard


  • Unisex
  • Sewn-in padded ankles
  • 2 color options
  • Removable shield
  • Size: Peewee and youth


  • Ankle pads


  • Size runs small on some kids
  • Ankle pads are too bulky and make it hard to wear the soccer cleats

The Wilson shin guard sock gives excellent protection coverage for a beginner.

The removable shield is pre-curved to fit snugly around the shin area and there are sewn-in ankle pads as well.

A bit bulky for some kids but that is largely due to the thick ankle pads and shield.

Order 1 size up.

My Rating: 4.8/5

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5. Adidas performance youth sock shin guards

Adidas Performance Youth Sock Shin Guards


  • Special youth sizing
  • Full socks with foot
  • Removable shield
  • Color: Black/white
  • Size: S-L


  • Machine washable. The shield is removable.


  • No ankle pads for protecting the ankles
  • No other colors to choose

This Adidas shin guard sock is designed for youth sizes and not for adults.

The sock is similar to the normal Adidas quality with foot comfort in mind.

The shield is removable so it will be easy to wear and take off during breaks and not forget that washing it will be easier.

I would say this product is good for training and for matches.

My rating: 4.6/5

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6. Nike shin sleeve socks

NIKE Shin Sleeve Socks


  • 48% nylon | 37% polyethylene | 13% EVA | 2% rubber
  • 2Conventional sock fit
  • Ankle pad
  • Built-in shield not removable
  • EVA foam-coated hard shell
  • Color: Pink blast/black
  • Size: M-L


  • Ankle pads


  • Pricey
  • No small size

The Nike shin sleeve socks have pads built in the sock so there is no need to pull them out before washing.

The sock is constructed just like any conventional Nike sock so it is very comfortable.

Because the shin guard is built-in your kid can slip in the sock and put on his or her shoes without any further hassles.

My rating: 4.7/5

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7. Nike kids’ shin sock sleeve

NIKE Kids' Shin Sock Sleeve


  • 48% Nylon | 37% Polyethylene | 3% EVA | 2% Rubber
  • All-in-one design
  • Hardshell shield
  • Ventilated EVA form
  • Padded ankle
  • Built-in shin guard not removable
  • Color options: 3
  • Size: S-XL


  • Ankle pads


  • A bit bulky for some kids

One notable feature of this shin guard sock is that the ankle padding does not stick out like other similar Nike products.

There are 3 colors to choose from and the size starts from small to large.

A few parents thought it is too bulky for their kids but I suspect that is because they are ordering one size up.

My rating: 4.3/5

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8. Franklin Sports ACD sock feet shin guard

Franklin Sports ACD Sockfeets Shin Guard


  • Air-cooling shin pad design
  • Abrasion-resistant shell
  • Removable shell
  • Sock arch support
  • Assorted color: black/white and white/black
  • Machine wash | air dry
  • S (Peewee) – L


  • Covers most of the shin area


  • No ankle pads
  • The seller chooses your sock color randomly!!

A very comfortable shin guard socks with good shield coverage over the shin area.

The foot can be a bit roomy but what I don’t like is you don’t get to choose the color that you want.

However, if don’t mind what color you get, this is still a good shin guard sock for training.

My rating: 4.4/5

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9. Nike kids shin sock III

Nike Kids Shin Sock III


  • EVA foam hardshell
  • Materials: 48% nylon | 37% polyethylene | 13% EVA | 2% Rubber
  • Padded ankle
  • Conventional sock fit
  • Size: Medium-large (youth)


  • Padded ankle


  • Size runs small

This shin guard sock comes with all the protection needed but the problem is the size runs small.

When choosing this product be sure to opt for a larger size.

But when it fits it does offer total protection and comfort for your kid.

My rating: 4.1/5

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My Recommendation

Best overall sock shin guard

Champion Sports youth sock-style soccer shin guards - best soccer shin guard for kids
Champion Sports youth sock-style soccer shin guards


Best affordable shin guard sock

Wilson Soccer Sock Shin Guard
Wilson soccer sock shin guard

Most popular shin guard socks

Adidas Youth Sock Guard
Adidas Youth Sock Guard

Washing Guide

Please remove the shin pads before washing the socks.

  • Machine or hand wash
  • Wash with the same colors
  • Air dry

For the built-in Nike shinguards socks, you can machine wash them as instructed.


Shin guard socks are mostly preferred by parents of young soccer players who are still learning to wear shin guards and socks separately.

As they grow older they will start to figure it out themselves.

Take note that shin guards do not provide 100% protection from shin and ankle injuries. Your kid must always play fairly and show sportsmanship.

Enjoy soccer and be safe.


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