Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove – Buyers Review

Talking about “in good hands”, the rest of the team can be assured that the Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove will help their goalkeeper will keep the goal secured.

It is one of the most bought gloves on this blog so I decided it is time I give it special attention to see what makes a lot of parents and kids love it.

Follow me as I review the Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove and why it should be your number 1 choice for goalkeeping gloves.

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What is the Reusch Attrakt SD glove

Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove
Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove

Reusch has been making gloves for goalkeepers and skiers for the last 85 years.

The Attrakt SD is one of the many gloves serieses made by Reusch.

This glove is a product of many years of experience and improvements so I can assure you that Reusch knows what they doing.

That is the reason why the Reusch brand is trusted by former and current professional goalkeepers like Hugo Loris (Tottenham FC and France National Team), Wojciech Szczęsny, Samir Handanovič, and Jiří Pavlenka (Werder Bremen and Czech National Team).

The Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove is a goalkeeper glove designed for all ground conditions.

Features of the Reusch Attrakt SD glove?

reusch attrakt infographic

The glove comes with a lot of cutting-edge technological features and materials which made it perfect for young goalkeepers.

1. SD foam on the palm

The foam on the palm is made of SD Foam, short for SUPER DURABLE which is abrasion-resistant.

The SD foam is a combination of different foam materials to make it durable and ideal for use on all types of ground surfaces.

All these are without compromising the performance of the foam.

2. Finger protection

The finger protection stays are non-removable and they are the lightest version of Reusch’s finger protection technology.

This means they don’t weigh down the glove but prevents the goalkeeper’s fingers from hyperextending when blocking hard-kick balls.

The finger protection covers all 5 fingers of each hand.

3. Expanse cut

The expanse cut type glove increases the palm area, which means it has more ball-to-glove contact than any other glove.

That means when the ball gets into the hands it is more likely to stay in there than slip through the fingers.

4. Embossed foam on the backhand

The embossed backhand creates a thick layer of foam that protects the knuckle when punching the ball away.

It also features breakpoints so that the glove is not stiff when the goalkeeper opens and closes their palms – flexibility.

5. Open cuff/full strap closure

The glove is an open cuff type which makes it easier for the young goalkeeper to wear and take off.

The closure is a full strap that can be wrapped around the wrist before fastening it with velcro.

How does Reusch Attrakt SD help goalkeepers?

1. Better ball handling

The Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff is an expanse cut type glove.

That means it has increased palm surface area for better contact and grip of the ball.

2. Play on any ground

A goalkeeper makes a dive for the ball
Photo by Bil Kleb

Goalkeepers occasionally make dives to block shots and land with their palms on the ground to cushion their fall.

In many instances, this is where the palm of the glove is damaged when it comes in contact with the rough ground surface.

The Reusch Super Durable (SD) palm foam is designed to withstand any type of field surface. 

This makes the glove perfect for playing on artificial and hard surfaces because it is abrasion-resistant.

3. Comfortable & easy to use

The backhand hand is constructed with lightweight PVC that cushions the knuckles when punching the ball.

There are some areas behind the wrist and thumb that have a mesh material to allow for ventilation.

The cuff is open-type to make it easier to put on and take off and the glove is secured to the wrist by a wrap-around velcro strap.

Very easy for young goalkeepers to use.

4. Protection for all fingers

The fingersaver of the Reusch Attrakt SD covers all 5 fingers of the hand.

These stays are built-in and very lightweight for young goalkeepers.

5. Saves you money

Because you can play with the glove on any surface it saves you money from buying gloves to suit other surface types.

It will also save your kid’s backpack some space as well.

You can also use it for training and in matches.

Other flavors of the Reusch Attrakt Series

The Reusch Attrakt SD is only one of the many Attrakt series. Here are others you can compare with:

  1. Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion
  2. Reusch Attrakt Pro AX2
  3. Reusch Attrakt SG
  4. Reusch Attrakt Solid
  5. Reusch Attrakt RG
  6. Reusch Attrakt S1
  7. Reusch Attrakt Gold X
  8. Reusch Attrakt Freegel G3
  9. Reusch Attrakt Duo
  10. Reusch Attrakt Silver
  11. Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold
  12. Reusch Attrakt Grip Evolution


  1. Can be used in hard ground and artificial turf
  2. Easy to wear and take with the full strap closure
  3. Durable foam on the palms
  4. Stand out design and color


  1. Only one color (black/yellow) available
  2. Ventilation could be improved
  3. May take a few practice session before breaking them in


The Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove is a great glove for beginners.

Its features allow it to be used on any ground condition which is great for anyone with a tight budget.

There is also all-around protection for the fingers, palm, backhand, and wrist so your kid can enjoy playing soccer.

I highly recommended this glove for parents and kids who are more concerned about safety and performance.

Cut type: Expanse Cut

Ground: All ground types including artificial turf

Finger Protection: Yes

Sizes available: 8

My rating: 4.9

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