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Soccer players and parents will realize that the training provided by their clubs and schools will not be enough to develop soccer skills and confidence quickly. Let’s face it, the coach is trying his or her best to manage more than 15 players at 1 time so the chances of focussing on a single player can be difficult. Individual training can fill in these gaps by helping a player speed up their skill level. Today I am going to review Renegade Soccer Training, a program that claims it can transform an individual player to become better, even best, at playing soccer.

Renegade Soccer Training is an online soccer training program designed for beginners who wanted to learn ball-handling skills in as little time as possible.

Join me as I review it.

In an effort to be completely transparent, I want to let you know that I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services I recommend. This means that I will earn a commission or credit if you decide to buy any of their products or services.

Product Overview

Product Name: Renegade Soccer Training
Founder: Walter “Coach JR” Haworth
Method Of Training Delivery: Online Via Web Portal And MP3 Audio
Price: Starting At $10 Per Month
Suitable For: 9 Year Kids To Adult

My Rating: 4.9/5

RST home page

What Is Renegade Soccer Training

Renegade Soccer Training is a company operating from Florida, USA, that sells online soccer training products to customers worldwide.

Their address is 30529 Lettingwel Circle, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543, US.

The founder of the company is Walter Haworth, or Coach JR, as he is commonly known on the Renegade Soccer Training platform.

Renegade Soccer Training Review - Coach JR of Renegade Soccer Training
Coach JR Is The Founder Of Renegade Soccer Training

He has 20 experience in speed, strength, and fitness coaching and was certified in 2012. His brief experiences as a coach are as follows:

  • Twenty years of experience
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist.
  • Trained recreational, club, and collegiate level players.
  • Confidence and skill builder.

Listen to Coach JR giving the ultimate advice for soccer players:

The All-Access Pass Platform

The Renegade Soccer Training program is delivered online via a web portal platform called All Access Pass, so this platform can be accessed from your computer and mobile devices with an internet connection.

When you subscribe to the program you will be given a username and password to the All-Access Pass platform.

On the All-Access Pass homepage, you can watch the welcome video, or study the training overview, or navigate to the training system to start your training.

When you get into the Training System you can see each lesson conveniently arranged for you so you know where to start or what lesson you last left and continue from there.

In each lesson, you are given a task to complete via video with your progress clearly shown.

These tasks include the main training you subscribed to.

You can also download your progress checklist so you can monitor your progress offline.

What is outstanding here is that this platform is very user-friendly and Coach JR is actually “holding your hands” every step of the way in the training.

RST home page

Skills Foundations ~ Gain Confidence

This is a program for beginners as young as 9 years old way up to adults and the focus of this program is developing your basic ball-handling skills and building confidence.

1. Evolution of Touch

  • 35 Lessons
  • Tight Ball Control Confidence

Renegade Soccer Training Review - evolution of touch

Claimed to be the flagship training in the entire program, Evolution of Touch teaches basic ball control and footwork in tight spaces.

These are important skills to employ when you are facing a defender and you try to create a space so you can pass the ball to a teammate.

The lessons involve controlling the ball with all sides of the foot including building up strength in the weaker foot.

The result is that you will become confident in your ball-handling skills.

2. Juggling Mastery

  • 93 Lessons
  • Aerial Control & Juggling

Renegade Soccer Training Review - juggling

The ball does not roll on the ground all the time in soccer. Juggling Mastery is all about learning how to control aerial balls and juggling.

The drills in the lessons are set to develop a beginner to comfortably control an ariel ball with any part of the body.

The drills are progressive so you will start from the basics then gradually move to more advanced juggling skills.

These skills will enable you to have more advantage over your opponent.

3. Next Level Dribbling

  • 35 Lessons
  • 1v1 & Going To Goal

Renegade Soccer Training Review - dribbling

Next Level Dribbling builds on the groundwork done on Evolution of Touch but with more precision in footwork.

This includes a new footwork pattern as a progression from the Evolution of Touch.

The lessons still involve drills dribbling sets but at a more advanced level geared towards taking on the opponents on the 1v1 scenario.

It will increase a player’s 1v1 abilities when facing an opponent and aggressiveness on the field.

4. Wall Work Warrior

  • 35 Lessons
  • First Touch & Speed Of Play

Renegade Soccer Training Review - kicking against the wall

Kicking against the wall provides a lot of on-the-field scenarios either when passing the ball or receiving it.

The Wall Work Warrior program develops a player’s speed, passing and receiving skills, and the 1-touch give-and-go.

The lessons are laid out so you can start with the basics then progress to advanced ball-handling and passing.

All these are important skills any player must possess in order to be good at soccer.

5. Back Of The Net

  • 102 Lessons
  • Shooting & Goal Scoring

Renegade Soccer Training Review - back of the net

Who wants to score goals for their team?

I do.

If you want to score goals these lessons are for you.

This training aims at developing your shooting and scoring skills.

It points out what part of the foot to kick with and how to kick the ball with power and precision.

The drills involved encourage a player to use both feet and develop accuracy especially when you want to score a goal at a specific spot.

6. Support Materials

  • Progress Trackers
  • Progressions Fully Planned
  • Downloadable MP3
  • Step-By-Step Instructions


RST home page

Great Community & Support 

In the All-Access Pass platform, there is also a forum for members to join. This a perfect platform where all members can communicate and support each other but best of all is you can communicate directly with the founder Coach JR.

There is also a blog on the Renegade Soccer Training website where you can read posts about what is latest in fitness, ball control, and mental toughness.

Renegade Soccer Training has a Facebook page and a members-only Facebook group.

While anyone can access the Facebook page, the members-only group is for those who subscribed to the training program.

They also have a Youtube channel showcasing their training and motivation talks so you can reach out to Coach JR on this medium as well.

Customer Service

Renegade Soccer Training is not the kind of business that sells you a product and disappears.

They provided support to their customers through the training platform on the Renegade Soccer Training web portal.

Furthermore, they have a business page and a members-only group on Facebook.

These venues make it possible for customers and Coach JR to communicate.

Below is a screenshot of a post by a satisfied customer that has been directly assisted by Coach JR.

This clearly demonstrated that Renegade Soccer Training truly cares for its customers.

Renegade Soccer Training Review - Coach JR of Renegade Soccer Training

Customer Testimonials

Below is a screenshot of 2 satisfied customers posting on the Renegade Soccer Training Facebook page.

These are only 2 posts of the many positive reviews customers posted on social media.

Renegade Soccer Training Review - customer testimonial


  • Get More Touches In Short Amount Of Time
  • You Can Train Indoors And Outdoors
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • MP3 Downloadable


  • Videos Not Downloadable
  • No Mobile App
  • You are still required to provide your own training equipment, e.g. soccer cleats, balls, goals, and cones

Affordable Subscription Fee

1. Monthly Subscription

One of the best things about Renegade Soccer Training is that you can start for only $19 per month!

With this investment, you will have access to:

  • Foundation Of Touch
  • Evolution Of Touch
  • Next Leve Dribbling
  • Wall Walk Warrior
  • Juggling I
  • Progress Trackers
  • Progressions Fully Planned
  • MP3s
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Monthly sub

RST home page



2. Yearly Subscription

Subscribing for 12 months is an excellent idea because you don’t train for 1 month and expect your skills to stay with you forever.

The training program is progressive so that means you can repeat the entire program but continue to progress to another level.

For $197 you still get the same training as the monthly subscription but it comes with:

  • 500K Touch Annual Calendar – a program to ensure you achieve 500K touches of the ball in 12 months
  • RST Goal-Off System

Yearly sub


RST home page


3. Cancel Subscription Anytime

Renegade Soccer Training is flexible when it comes to canceling your subscription and they will not charge you any penalty whatsoever.

So you can rest assured that you’re not locked into any kind of hidden contract, etc.

4. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Renegade Soccer Training Review - 30 day money back guarantee

Renegade Soccer Training had so much confidence in their program that they promised to refund your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

So, you can subscribe without any fear of losing your hard-earned money.


The Renegade Soccer Training program is an excellent program for kids and beginners.

Some may argue that you can get this type of training from YouTube for free, even Renegade Soccer Training has a YouTube channel.

This is true but, do you realize that all these drills and tips are scattered everywhere and you don’t know which one is for beginners or advanced players?

You will get overwhelmed with information and don’t know where to start.

Renegade Soccer Training made this simple for you by laying out the training lessons and tracking your progress along the way.

This training works if you put in your time and effort otherwise you will not see any improvement and be disappointed.

Renegade Soccer Training is not perfect but it certainly is one of the best. I highly recommended it.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5



RST home page

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