Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves – Buyers Review

How do you like a glove that stinks even after you thoroughly washed it? The Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves has come up with a solution but that is not the only feature it has in store.

This glove is very popular on this blog it has got my attention recently so I decided to “put it under the microscope”.

Follow me as I review the Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves and why you should seriously consider it part of your kid’s goalie gear.

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The Renegade GK company and founders

Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

The Renegade GK company was founded by Tyler and Ryan in 2017.

They are former goalkeepers themselves and trainers who are passionate about creating the perfect gloves for goalkeepers at all levels.

Their goal is to make gloves that are focussing on the goalkeeper’s performance and comfort.

Renegade GK is the official GK glove of both the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and WNPSL (the women’s version).

They are the largest professional soccer leagues in the United States.

Features of the Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves

Talon main features
Photo by Junior Soccer Stars

There are 5 main features I should highlight here:

1. Pretreated microbe-guard

Photo by Renegade GK

All renegade GK gloves are pretreated with antimicrobial technology that can last up to 12 months.

The microbe-guard is a combination of BioSpear and Micro-Fresh that eliminates 99.9% of bacterias, fungi, mold, and viruses.

The feature makes sure the glove does not harbor nasty bacteria that give off the nasty stink.

2. Superior grip-impact performance with outstanding durability

The palm area that comes in contact with the ball is constructed of German Hyper Grip 3.5+3mm latex.

The thick latex provides superior ball handling and grip to help the young goalie stop the shots without hurting the hands.

It is also very durable making it an ideal glove to play on any ground surface

Do note that the German Hyper Grip 3.5+3mm latex used on the Talon is the same material used on other high-end Renegade GK gloves!

3. Finger protection & punch performance

The finger savers are designed to stop them from bending backward but are very flexible bending forward.

They are also removable if some young experienced goalkeeper prefers to go without but also make it easier to wash.

There is a zipper on the backhand for easy access to the finger saver strips.

Talon backhand
Photo by Renegade GK

The backhand is constructed of Dura-Tek 4mm latex which is more durable than other Renegade GK gloves.

So it offers more protection than its counterparts.

4. Excellent wrist protection & breathability

Talon wrist
Photo by Renegade GK

The wrist is made of DuraTek 4MM Latex Straps that are thick and can be wrapped around the wrist all the way round in 360°.

The Talon’s 3D Air Mesh ensures that the glove is well ventilated during and after the game.

Talon 3d mesh
Photo by Renegade GK

5. Easy glove entry without sacrificing fit or comfort

The glove is easy to wear and take off without sacrificing fit or comfort with its elastic wrist slit.

There is also a plastic tab if you need to pull down the glove for a tight fit – no more using your teeth to bite the cuffs when needing to do that.

6. Negative cut type glove

The negative cut gives a tight feel so the goalkeeper has more “feel” for the ball.

This should not be confused that the glove is small because it is one of the characteristics of a negative cut type glove.

Benefits of using Renegade GK Talon goalie gloves

1. Pretreated antimicrobial glove – no stinky odor

The glove is pretreated with an antimicrobial technology called Microbe-Guard.

This makes it impossible for microorganisms to grow in the soft material in the glove.

One benefit is the skin of the hands will not be infected with fungus, etc and the glove does not stink.

This treatment can last as long as 12 months.

2. Better ball handling

Talon grip
Photo by Renegade GK

As mentioned earlier the negative cut glove provides a more feel to the ball.

The German Hyper Grip latex is the same material used on its high-end gloves so you can rest assured of the quality of its performance.

3. Play on any ground

The German Hyper Grip latex on the palm is very durable so it can be used on the ground type from turf to grass.

It can also be used by goalkeepers of all levels.

4. Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves are comfortable & easy to use

The Renegade GK Talon is a negative cut glove so it fits snugly on the hands.

Also, the wrist closure is designed to be used with ease without compromising its comfort and performance.

5. All-round protection

This glove has protection technological features for the palms, fingers, backhands, and wrists so goalkeepers can play with confidence.

  • Palms: German Hyper Grip 3.4+3mm Latex.
  • Fingers: Pro-Tek spine finger saver
  • Backhands: Dura-Tek 4mm latex
  • Wrists:  3MM 360° Duratek strap

6. Enjoy premium-level materials and technologies

Renegade GK believes that goalkeepers of all levels deserve to wear the best gloves.

Even with the Talon, an entry-level glove, they are constructed with premium-level materials and technologies.

So even as a beginner, the goalkeeper is already using a pair of superior gloves and enjoying the high-level performance they provided.

Other flavors of the Renegade GK Talon glove series

The Renegade GK Talon is only one of 3 of its series all boasting the basic top features. Here are 2 others you can compare with:

1.Talon Cyclone 2

Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
Talon Cyclone 2

2. Talon Mirage

Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
Talon Mirage

Glove sizing video of Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves

To assist you in choosing the correct Renegade GK Talon glove size I have embedded their sizing guide below.


  1. Pretreated microbe-guard
  2. More durability on the backhand compared to high other high-end Renegade GK gloves
  3. Same grip (German Hyper Grip latex) as other high-end Renegade GK gloves
  4. Play on any surface


  1. A bit pricey for a training glove
  2. Negative cut-type gloves can feel a bit tight on first use – that is totally normal.


glove testimonial
Photo by Renegade GK


The Renegade GK Talon Goalie Glove is designed for beginners, youth players, rec players, and weekend warriors.

Renegade GK uses the same German Hyper Grip latex on all its glove so even a goalkeeper on a beginner level can enjoy the same premium features.

This is a glove not only for kids but also for youth and adults as the size runs from 5 – 11.

I highly recommended this glove for goalkeepers at all levels of soccer.

Cut type: Negative

Game level: Beginner and youth

Protection: Palms, fingers, backhands, and the wrists

Material: Nylon, polyurethane, and rubber

Sizes available: 5 – 11

My rating: 4.9

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