Kids Soccer Ball – How To Buy The Correct Size

Today I going to help you choose the correct sized kids soccer ball. There will be no training without a soccer ball to kick, right?

For your information, not all soccer balls are created equal and there are four sizes to choose from.

Having a soccer ball to play with is one thing but choosing the correct size is very important.

The most common sense you can do is start with a smaller sized soccer ball.

Once you observed that the ball has become too small for her train with then its time to upgrade to the next size.


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Is Soccer Ball Size Important?

Yes, the size of the soccer ball is very important for your kid.

Below I outlined the problems a wrong ball can cause and the benefits of playing with the right soccer ball.

What Can A Wrong Ball Size Cause?

If your kid plays with the wrong ball size it will cause several problems for him.

  • Injury – If your kid plays with the wrong soccer ball size it will cause injury to his feet. Imagine your 6 years old slamming her foot on an adult ball? That will hurt, right?
  • Slow skill development – playing with the wrong size slows down skills development because its either too small and light or too big and heavy
  • Your kid will lose interest in training as it is no longer to play with a heavy ball.
  • Playing with different ball sizes in training does not help because the ball size in a real game will be different.


How Does Correct Ball Size Help Training?

  • Playing with the correct soccer ball size reduces the chances of getting injuries to the foot and anywhere on the body
  • Improved skill development because the ball is not too heavy or light to play with
  • Your kid will have an enjoyable training that is meaningful and productive
  • Helps in soccer games because your kid is already familiar with the ball.


Soccer Ball Sizes And Use

As a general guide here are the right ball sizes according to ages group:

  • Size#1 – Mini size mostly for souvenir or specialized skills training only
  • Size#3 – For kids 8 years old and under
  • Size#4 – For kids between 8 to 12 years old
  • SIze#5 – For 13 years old to adult

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