David Beckham – Learn From One Of The Best Soccer Players Of All Time

David Beckham was definitely one of the best soccer players of all time. He was a popular soccer star that dominated English football and the world in the 1990s and ended his career as a millionaire.

In this post, we are going to look at his young years before being thrust into the soccer spotlight.

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I Am A Fan!

I followed David Beckham ever since he played for Manchester United. Internet was a rare privilege back then and BBC World and Shoot magazine were my eyes and ears.

David Beckham Playing For LA Galaxy
David Beckham Playing For LA Galaxy

My friends and I would swap the monthly Shoot soccer magazine and read about Beckham. We were fascinated by his stories, soccer skills, his girlfriend, and his good looks.

He was an influential figure both in soccer and setting trends in fashion. He made us wear the Mohawk once. His “curve” free kicks were every soccer player’s most desired skill.

It was the curve kick that made Adidas Predator soccer cleats very popular.

Adidas Predator Soccer Cleats
Adidas Predator Soccer Cleats

He captained the England national team multiple times including the World Cup tournaments. As a fan, I was disappointed he never got to lift the World Cup during his soccer career.

He went on to play for Real Madrid, LA Galaxy , and ended his career at Paris Saint Germain. Raking in millions of pounds in player contracts and sponsorship.

Putting food on the table is the least of his worries. He can grow old with financial freedom and setting his kids with a good head start in life.

Career Highlights

Here is a quick highlight of his 23 years soccer career.

  • 6 Premier League titles with Manchester United
  • 2 FA Cup titles with Manchester United
  • 1 UEFA Championship League title
  • 100 UEFA League games
  • 1 La Liga title with Real Madrid
  • 115 appearances for England national soccer team
  • 59 times as captain of England national team
  • 3 World Cup tournament

When playing for LA Galaxy:

  • 2 league championships
  • 18 goals
  • 98 appearances
  • $250 million contract
  • 250,000 LA Galaxy number 23 jerseys sold
  • 5,000 season tickets were sold 48 hours after Beckham signed with LA Galaxy
David Beckham At LA Galaxy
David Beckham At LA Galaxy

He was a great soccer player, a successful businessman, and a caring father and husband. He is a good role model for any aspiring soccer player, even now.

The million-dollar question is, was it just pure luck or hard work, or both?

What made him so successful in his soccer career?

His Dream

During an interview in 2007, Beckham revealed that in school his teacher would ask him what he wants to be when he grows up. He would reply, “I want to be a footballer (soccer player)”.

His teacher might have thought Beckham was crazy. But Beckham followed his dreams and became a great soccer player for his clubs and country.

A child’s dream is a powerful motivation for achieving his goals. As parents, we should encourage a child to follow his dreams.

When a kid is allowed to follow his dreams he will be more willing to learn and excel. Beckham has proven that when he was 11 years old.

Forcing your kid to be something he doesn’t like will make him lose interest. If he wants to be a soccer player don’t force him to take basketball or vice versa.

Parents’ Sacrifice

In 2013 after winning a title with Paris Saint Germain Beckham announced his retirement from professional soccer. In acknowledgment of those who supported him in his career, Beckham made these statements:

“I wouldn’t have achieved what I have done today without my family. I’m grateful for my parent’s sacrifice, which made me realize my dreams,”

Beckham has just given us a clue to his success. His parents made sacrifices to provide him with the support he needed. His dad is a kitchen fitter and his mum a hairstylist. They were very ordinary folks doing what we do now in our 9 – 5 jobs.

What sort of sacrifice was he talking about? It’s the kind of sacrifice that is always emphasized in Junior Soccer Stars. It means sacrificing your time to help your kid with his soccer drills in the backyard, driving him to and from the training, or sitting on the stand cheering him.

Some kids play multiple sports and parents must always show support.

It means having time for developing parents-kids bonding. It was stated in the Bobby Charlton Soccer School website that Beckham’s father drove him on the first day to enroll him.

Buying soccer gear for your kid is a financial sacrifice, and so is fuel for the transport. Maybe enroll him in a soccer academy if you are serious. Buying food for a healthy diet and sports drinks can be costly. Or maybe medical bills for having your kid’s sore muscles checked up.

These can be viewed as investments in your kid’s future. In Beckham’s case, the investment paid off handsomely. The first people he thought of regarding his success were his mum and dad’s sacrifice.

His parents must be proud when they heard that statement.

Early Soccer Training

David Beckham in action playing for LA Galaxy
David Beckham in action playing for LA Galaxy

Many sports professionals will tell you that they begin training when they were young. David Beckham is no exception as he trained young as well.

He was so good he won the Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills competition at the young age of 11.

Apparently, Beckham has enrolled at the now Bobby Charlton Soccer School and Sports Academy. Bobby Charlton is a famous English soccer player who lifted the World Cup trophy in 1966.

A good place to start young is at home and in the backyard. This is where the basics are learned and passion for soccer is born.

At around 8 would be a good time to sign up for formal training. By that, I mean a club or school that has coaches and facilities.

If your kid does not get good training he will miss out on acquiring soccer skills at an early age. Their chances of a successful career will be low due to high competition.

Here’s an example, if your kid was not trained properly in receiving the ball passes or poor dribbling skills he might not be selected to the school team, or a youth level team.

No youth team selection can mean low chances of being a professional soccer career.

Selecting a good program for your kid is important because he will receive training from professional coaches. I cannot emphasize this more strongly.


Having looked at Beckham’s story I figured how he became a soccer star. Early in his young age he already dreams of becoming a soccer player. With the help of his parents, he developed his soccer skills at the Bobby Charlton Soccer School. This is where he received proper training.

Undoubtedly Beckham worked very hard because he eventually played for England’s U18 and U21. And the rest became history because he has already built a solid foundation.

Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying, “The harder I work, the more luck I have”. I believe Beckham and his parents worked hard to fulfill his dream to become a soccer player and luck was just inevitable.


Do you think David Beckham is one of the best players in the world?

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Adidas Predator Soccer Cleats
Adidas Predator soccer cleats made famous by David Beckham

Source: Wikipedia | Bobby Charlton Soccer School | Biography.com

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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