3 Best Concave Soccer Cleats For Kids 2021

If your kid is a serious soccer player and is looking for a soccer cleat that offers something different and better, or looking for a birthday gift for your kid, then this is for you. I am going to review the 3 best Concave soccer cleats for kids to find out more about these exciting soccer cleats.

As I have said, Concave soccer cleats offer more than just for kicking the ball and looking smart in it.

Concave developed patented technologies that focus on the area of kicking accuracy and power.

All without compromising player comfort and performance.

While there is a wide range of cleat options for adults there are 3 models for kids available in their stores.

In an effort to be completely transparent, I want to let you know that I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services I recommend. This means that I will earn a commission or credit if you decide to buy any of their products or services.

Concave – The Company

Concave is a sports gear manufacturer based in Australia but also has 3 stores in the US, and UK.

They did not only produce soccer cleats (shoes/boots) but also lifestyle and performance apparel, and accessories as well.

Company Name: Concave International Pty Ltd

Address: Suite 410, 91 Murphy Street, Victoria 3121, Australia (Concave) ABN 35 153 098 465.

Shipping And Return

Concave can ship purchases worldwide unless your location is difficult to reach, by which they will refund your money.

They also have a 30-day return policy including if you purchase via PayPal.

The Concave Technologies

Concave developed the concave technology that they believe will improve the player’s striking power and accuracy.


1. PowerStrike Technology

PowerStrike is the first Concave technology, a removable concave-shaped plastic device that is placed under the tongue of the cleat.

This plastic device ensures that the ball has maximum surface contact with the player’s foot when kicking the ball on the lace.

This creates more “feel” for the ball thus the player can have more control over the ball.


Concave Soccer Cleats - The Powerstrike device


2. AccuStrike Railing System (ARS) Technology

The AccuStrike Railing System (ARS) is the latest Concave upgrade on the PowerStrike.

After finding that the Powerstrike device can be counter-productive in terms of comfort and performance, they developed AccuStrike.

While still focussing on the lace area the plastic device has disappeared.

Instead, there are 2 raised spines or rails running along with the shoelace eyelets.

The rails act as a support when the ball comes in contact with the lace giving the player more control.

This increased the level of comfort and improved accuracy when striking the ball.

Thus the name AccuStrike.

Concave Soccer Cleats - AccuStrike

The Concave Cleats Series

Concave featured 2 series or collections for the kid’s soccer cleat, as they called it:

1. Volt

      • Built for speed and traction
      • Molded soleplate with oval-shaped stud configuration.
      • Performs best on all-natural surfaces.
      • Dual lacing system
      • Supports players feet comfortably

2. Halo

      • Built for control
      • Lightweight TPU soleplate
      • Built for grip, traction, and stability on firm ground (FG)
      • Oval-shaped stud configuration
      • For wide feet players

What Are Concave Cleats Made Of?

1. Upper

All kids Concave soccer cleat uppers are constructed of one of these materials.

  • Maze – Mesh fused with texturized synthetic
  • Microfiber – A synthetic fiber that is finer than silk and known for its comfort and moisture-wicking abilities

2. Inner

The lining inside the cleat is made of either:

  • Neoprene
  • PU synthetic

3. Soleplate

The soleplate of the cleats are made of either:

  • TPU multi-density blade
  • Mold

Quality vs Technology vs Price Tag

Understandably, an ordinary soccer cleat with minimum features will not cost you much.

That is because the manufacturer does not invest too many resources in producing their product.

You will sacrifice comfort and performance at a cheaper price.

In the case of Concave soccer cleats, a lot of work has been done for continuous improvement.

The soccer cleats are manufactured with top quality materials from the soleplate, outsole, upper, and inner lining.

Not to mention the PowerStrike and AccuStrike technologies that will keep on evolving in the years to come.

That is why their price range for the kids’ soccer cleat will start at $50 up to $160.

The Concave Cave Gang

The Concave brand is recognized by soccer professional players.

Here are some of them:

  1. Hulk – Brazilian national team and  Shanghai SIPG FC in China
  2. Corey Burke – A Jamaican soccer player currently playing for SKN St. Polten on loan from Philadelphia Union
  3. RJ Allen – A US soccer player playing for Monmouth Hawks
  4. Brandt Bronico – A US soccer player playing for Chicago Fire

1. Kids Concave Volt FG – Poppy/Platinum/Rabbit

Concave Soccer Cleats - Kids Concave Volt FG - Poppy/Platinum/Rabbit



      • Built for SPEED
      • Series: VOLT
      • Size 2.5 – 6
      • Microfibre upper
      • Firm Ground
      • TPU injection outsole
      • Shock absorbing sock line
      • PowerStrike technology
      • Color options: Silver/Red/Orange

Concave Soccer Cleats - Kids Concave Volt FG - Silver/Red/Orange

Best Cleat For:

My Thoughts:

Great starting cleats for kids who love playing the forward position.

This Volt series cleat is built for speed and traction.

The upper is constructed of Microfiber material which is lightweight, comfortable, and moisture-wicking.

Inside the cleat is lined with shock-absorbing cushioning with PU synthetic lining outside.

This means your kid’s feet will fit in snugly and conserving energy.

It comes with a dual lacing system that ensures the player’s feet are comfortable in the cleats.

On-field performance, the Volt is built to provide maximum contact of the foot to the ball.

The molded soleplate and oval studs configuration provide stability to your kid’s feet.

The result is a cleat that is comfortable, lightweight, and can pack a punch.

It may take time for some players to get used to the PowerStrike technology and it’s the only thing that bothers me.

However, it is a tool of trade and if your kid can use it to his or her advantage then he or she is unstoppable.

This shoe is in the same price range as Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor 13 and Kids’ Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe.

Good value for money.

My Ranking: 4.7/5

Concave Soccer Cleats - Kids Concave Volt FG

2. Kids Concave Halo FG – Black/Gun Metal/Poppy

Concave soccer cleats - Kids Concave Halo FG


      • Built for CONTROL
      • Size 2.5 – 6
      • Maze upper
      • Firm Ground
      • TPU multi-density blade soleplate
      • Neoprene inner for comfort
      • Shock absorbing with cushioning
      • AccuStrike technology
      • Color options: Red/Orange/Silver
Concave soccer cleats - Kids Concave Halo FG-Orange-Black-Silver

Best Cleat For:

My Thoughts:

The Concave Halo FG is constructed for control with its hybrid firm ground soleplate.

This provides for controlled footing and stability for your kid.

With its neoprene inner lining and shock-absorbing cushion, this cleat provides excellent comfort to your kid’s feet.

The upper is constructed with PU synthetic and features a raised textured surface for more grip and control.

With the infusion of the AccuStrike technology, this cleat ensures that every touch of the ball is counted for and the delivery is accurate.

Whether your kid is passing the ball or clearing it to the forwards upfront this cleat gives your kid control of the ball.

The sturdy oval-shaped studs provide a good soccer cleat for goalkeepers and defenders.

I am a right defender and I think this is a very good shoe that is stable, comfortable, and will do the job.

This soccer cleat is in the same price range as the Nike Youth Mercurial Vapor XII Academy Multi-Ground Soccer Cleats.

My Ranking: 4.9/5

Concave soccer cleats - Kids Concave Halo FG button

3. Kids Concave Limited Edition Halo + Hulk FG – Poppy/Black/Gold

Concave soccer cleats - Kids Concave Limited Edition Halo


      • Built for CONTROL
      • Size 2.5 – 6
      • Maze upper
      • Firm Ground
      • Hybrid firm ground soleplate
      • Meshing upper fused with texturized synthetic
      • Shock-absorbing cushioning
      • AccuStrike technology

Best Cleat For:

      • Defender
      • Midfielder
      • Goalkeeper

My Thoughts:

Named after the Brazilian soccer player, the Hulk Halo is the top of the range of Concave soccer cleats for kids.


Concave Soccer Cleats - Hulk holding a pair of hulk halo
Hulk – Played for the Brazil national team and  Shanghai SIPG FC in China


Armed with the AccuStrike, Hulk Halo is a product made to satisfy the requirements of a professional soccer player.

The upper is constructed with mesh fused with a texturized synthetic called Maze.

The Maze improves the ball control during contact and its raised surfaces offer the best grip.

This enables your kid to have improved ball contact that creates a “feel” for the ball.

The neoprene lining inside the cleat makes sure your kid’s feet are comfortable during the game.

The TPU multi-density soleplate, with its oval-shaped stud, provides for the best stability and support.

It does not matter if your kid is a rec player or is already setting his or her eyes to be a pro one day.

This soccer cleat has everything a player needs to elevate his or her game to the next level.

This cleat is in the same price range as the Nike JR. Phantom Vision 2 Elite Dynamic FIT MG

Best investment for a serious soccer player.

My Ranking: 4.8/5

Concave soccer cleats - Kids Concave Limited Edition Halo button


The Concave soccer cleats are made with performance and comfort in mind.

They went the extra mile to perfect their soccer cleats so that they stand out from the rest of the soccer cleats in the market.

If your kid is a serious soccer player then I recommend you invest in these soccer cleats.

Just remember to buy the pair that suits your kid’s soccer position.


You Can Check Out The Range Of Concave Soccer Cleats Here

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