Athletico Youth Soccer Backpack Review

Soccer backpacks and bags are designed to carry all your soccer gear and they are plenty online. To help you decide I am posting this Athletico Youth Soccer Backpack review, one of the popular bags on the online stores.

I will point out its useful features and how they will benefit your kid’s passion for soccer.

Follow me as I review the Athletico Youth Soccer Backpack and why you should seriously consider it part of your kid’s soccer gear.

In an effort to be completely transparent, I want to let you know that I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services I recommend. This means that I will earn a commission or credit if you decide to buy any of their products or services.

What is the Athletico youth soccer backpack?

The Athletico youth soccer backpack is a product designed to carry all soccer gear – in one bag.

This soccer backpack has 3 main compartments to store soccer cleats, balls, and other kits.

It is designed for kids who love playing soccer.

Athletico youth soccer bag display

Athletico – who are they??


Athletico is an independently owned company based in the US.

They design, manufacture, and sell athletic gear.

They are specialized in bags and backpacks for multiple sports like baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer volleyball, hockey, bowling, disc golf, golf, skating, and cycling.

They made it their mission to produce bags that are not only functional and durable but also affordable and reliable.

So far, they have sold thousands of bags and backpacks online.

Company name: Athletico
Phone: +1 855-518-2845

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6 main features of the Athletico youth soccer backpack

athletico youth soccer backpack features

The backpack comes with multiple features but here are the 6 main takeaways:

1. Soccer ball compartment (Vented)

The bag comes with a soccer ball compartment that is vented at the front.

There is enough room to hold a size 4 soccer ball although young kids are only allowed to play with size 3 or less.

Athletico youth soccer backpack side view

2. Shoe isolation compartment

The shoe compartment is totally isolated from other compartments in the bag.

It is located at the bottom of the bag and can be accessed by unzipping it at the front

It is also vented for air circulation.

Athletico youth soccer backpack shoe pocket

3. Extra utility zipper pocket

An extra zippered pocket can be located at the front of the ball compartment.

It is useful for an extra pair of socks or goalkeeper gloves.

4. Water bottle pockets

There are 2 mesh pockets at the side of the bag that is designed to hold water bottles or even a folded umbrella.

5. Water-resistant durable fabric

The bag is constructed of durable 6000D polyester and nylon and it is water-resistant.

6. Ergonomic design

Athletico youth soccer backpack back view

The back of the bag is padded so that the contents do not cause discomfort to your kid’s back.

The shoulder straps are also padded and adjustable to make the bag comfortable for your kid to carry.

7. Other features of the Athletico youth soccer backpack worth mentioning 

  1. Accessory organizer – in the main compartment is a 7-pocket accessory organizer
  2. Lightweight – the bag itself is lightweight and does not add to the weight of the soccer gear
  3. Rugged – the tough polyester and nylon material makes it suitable for outdoor and weather
  4. Safety reflector – there is a safety reflective patch at the top of the shoe compartment. Useful during low visibility situations
  5. EZ glide metal zipper – Strong durable zipper for outdoor use

How Athletico youth soccer backpack will benefit you and your kid

1. Carry all gear in the Athletico youth soccer backpack

You will agree with me that the benefit of using only 1 bag is that it saves a lot of money.

It also lessens the hassle and worry of carrying multiple bags that sometimes you might forget 1 bag back at home.

2. Spacious

The dimension of the bag is 16.5 x 14 x 8.5 inches.

This sure allows a lot of room for shin guards, socks, shorts, a shirt, a towel, and some sandwiches.

In the main compartment, there is an accessory organizer where your kid can store papers, pens, keys, etc.

Athletico youth soccer backpack dimension

3. Separate compartments for shoes and ball

The separate compartments make it easier for your kid to get the ball and the shoes in or out.

It also keeps other gear in the bag clean and fresh from mud and sweaty odor.

One forgotten benefit is that you can quickly tell if the ball or the soccer shoes are not in the bag.

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Other flavors of the Athletico youth soccer backpack

Athletico produced 2 other bags you can choose from.

1. Athletico National soccer bag (same price)

The Athletico National soccer bag has a bigger capacity and can hold 2 soccer balls!

It also has a padded laptop sleeve making it ideal for work and school.

This bag suits older kids and adults.

Dimension: 19.5 x 14 x 12 inches (50 x 36 x 30 cm)

Athletico National Soccer Bag

2. Other Soccer bags – Athletico Drawstring soccer bag

Athletico Drawstring Soccer Bag


1. Can be used for other ball sports such as basketball, rugby, and volleyball
2. One bag for all gear
3. Designed for boys and girls
4. Bag color for boys and girls
5. 1-year warranty


1. Interior linings not durable in few bags
2. Some parents think it is a bit pricey
3. Some parents think is smaller than expected


Athletico customer testimony
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1. Is this machine washable?

Answer: Machine wash is not recommended due to its foam content. Spot cleaning only using a wet rag and soap and towel, and air dry.

2. Does this bag fit a size 5 ball?

Answer: Yes, the Athletico Youth Soccer Bag fits a size 5 soccer ball

3. Is there a warranty provided for this bag, and if yes, what are the terms?

Answer: There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects in material and workmanship. Just email if you ever have an issue.

4. Is this a good size for my 4-year-old?

Answer: Yes, depending on your kid’s size, it should be fine for a 4-year-old.

5. Can this bag hold a laptop as well as a ball and shoes?

Answer: The larger model soccer bag (same price) specifically has a padded laptop compartment.


The Athletico youth soccer backpack is an excellent product for your kid to carry all his or her soccer gear.

It sure does add confidence as he or she is prepared for the game practice or the main match.

As a parent, your mind will be at ease that you have not forgotten the shoe or ball back at home.

Colors available: Black, Blue, Red, Magenta, and Pink
Material: 6000D polyester & nylon
Shipping: Free
Warranty: 1 Year
Return: 30 Day

My rating: 4.9

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