5 Reasons One-On-One Soccer Training Is Effective

This post is a follow-up on my previous article 12 Tips On How To Be A Good Soccer Player which I outlined 12 important factors a beginner must develop in order to be a good soccer player. In this post, I am going to discuss 5 reasons one-on-one soccer training is effective in helping your kid learn faster, confident and a better player.

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Why Individual Training?

Before we dive into the topic let me get some facts straight.

Training with a soccer team, either the school team or a club is the recommended path of developing your kid.

That is because there is a structured training program, with qualified coaches and trainers, better training equipment, and getting your kid the exposure he or she needs.

But should you be content with all that training you received from your team coach?

Team coaches are great but there are some disadvantages as well. For example, there are too many kids to manage and little attention will be given to your kid’s progress.

Or, your kid will wait longer for his or her turn to do the drills or kick the ball.

All these will slow your kid’s progress and will have an impact on his or her performance on the field and might be sitting on the bench most of the time!

If you want your kid to be one step ahead of his or her teammates, and impress the coach, then it’s time you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Father with son playing soccer at the field

To Parents

Remember how you help your kids with their homework? The same thing applies to your kid’s soccer training.

Apart from your kid’s training at his or her school or soccer club, you are going to be the coach at home, the backyard, or the park.

It’s called one-on-one training, private training, or individual training. Now, let’s discuss the topic.

1.   Your Kid Gets More Attention

When you attended your kid’s soccer team training do you notice how many other kids are also there on the field doing the drills?

What are the chances your kid is being given the attention he needs?

When you train your kid you don’t have to worry about that because you’re constantly observing his or her performance and you ensure that every drill is done properly.

Your kid will also be able to communicate freely with you regarding the training.

2.   More Time With The Ball

Advantages of one-on-one soccer training - Father and son chasing the soccer ball

Ball mastery, one advantage is your kid gets to train with the ball and drills more often than when training with his or her teammates.

More time spent with the ball means your kid will involve more in kicking, dribbling, and passing which will contribute to faster learning.

One-on-one training keeps your kid engaged in all the activities which will keep him or her motivated throughout the session.

3.   Improve Weak Skills and Achieve Goals Quicker

Do you see your kid wasting his or her time training on a particular skill that he or she has already mastered?

While on the other hand, the skills that really need improvement were ignored by the coach.

One-on-one training will address these kinds of issues and helps your kid to focus his or her time and energy to improve the skills he or she lacks.

In addition, it will also hasten your kid’s progress to achieving his or her personal goals.

4.   Motivating And Inspiring Your Kid

By training your kid you will motivate and inspire him or her because they see the extra effort and commitment you put into his or her training.

With you being present by your kid’s side every step of the way there is no doubt he or she will be giving all his or her best effort.

5.   Investing In Your Child’s Interest And Happiness

Nothing is more meaningful than investing your time, energy, and money into your kid’s interest and happiness.

The time and energy spent with your kid goes beyond soccer and will forge a strong parent-to-kid relationship for the rest of your lives.

A lot of successful professional players will confirm that their parents played a huge role in their success.

Advantages of one-on-one soccer training - A girl playing with soccer ball

Where To Get Help

1. Your Kid’s Soccer Coach

One-on-one training may not be as daunting as it seems because you can talk to your kid’s coach to give you some instructions and feedbacks.

He can be helpful in pointing out the areas your kid needs to improve on.

I can assure you that he would be more than willing to help because you will be making his job a bit easier.

2. On This Website

Probably the cheapest option, check out the drills and training offered here at Junior Soccer Stars. They are designed for parents and kids, or one-on-one drills.

You can print it and use it for your kid’s training and don’t worry, you can only do the drills that are relevant to your kid’s requirement.

Here are some posts that will give you a head start:

  1. How To Coach Soccer To 5-Year-Olds
  2. 5 Basic Kids Soccer Drills – Excel In Ball Control
  3. 5 Fun Soccer Warm Up Drills (and Warm Down)
  4. 12 Soccer Stretches For Kids
  5. Soccer Goalie Drills – Developing Your Kids Catching Skills
  6. 10 Incredibly Simple Soccer Drills For Toddlers
  7. 12 Tips On How To Be A Good Soccer Player
  8. 4 Exciting Soccer Drills For U10 Kids
  9. How To Kick A Soccer Ball + Beginner Drills & Bonus Tips 

3. Online And Digital Materials

Or you can invest in your kid’s soccer career by buying the following online one-on-one coaching books and training videos.

Dylan Joseph wrote a few books about soccer training and the book below titled “Soccer: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Score, Dribble Past the Other Team, and Work with Your Teammates (3 Books in 1)” is a good book I recommend for parents who want to see (and train) their kids to succeed in soccer.

Advantages of one-on-one soccer training - Dylan Joseph

For training videos, you can read my review on Renegade Soccer Training. They are affordable and have structured training all lined up with professional trainers to support you.

They also have a free ($0.00) downloadable training workout.

4. Hire A Personal Coach

If you are serious about soccer for your kid then maybe you should hire a personal coach instead. I am talking about hiring a local soccer coach in your area where your kid can attend and train. A typical local coach charges around $60 for 6 training sessions and each session lasts for around 45 minutes.

Advantages of one-on-one soccer training - Little boy playing football at the field

If you consider this option you should do a little homework first, such as:

  • Check the coach’s background
  • Is the coach the kind of person you can work with?
  • Does the coach have all the training equipment needed
  • What are his track records?
  • Ask former clients
  • Check out the pricing
  • Is the training venue nearby, in a good neighborhood?

You can search online by typing “personal soccer trainer+name of your area or city” on Google and you can find some websites advertising personal coaches for hire.

Or, you can also ask your kid’s coach and hopefully, he can refer you to a coach.

Training Equipment

You are going to need a training area and the following equipment:

  1. Training space – for kids under 8 I find a minimum of 25 square meters to be enough
  2. Size 3 soccer balls – at least 4 balls are needed
  3. Portable goals and cones – get at least 2 portable goals and cones. You can use water bottles as cones.
  4. Soccer shoes if playing outdoors. For a start, sneakers are fine.
  5. Socks
  6. Shin guards – not required BUT your kid needs to wear them so he or she can familiarize himself with it


I hope this post helps you realize the importance of one-on-one soccer training and decide how best you can help boost your kid’s soccer skills and standing among his or her peers.

You will find only then that your kid’s chances of becoming a permanent player in the team are higher while producing positive results.

It also means you as a parent to invest your time and a little bit of expense towards your kid’s training.

All the best in training.

Tell me what your thoughts are about one-on-one training, are they worth it?

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